The Wama music band reunites after five years (Come Back) with Cube Music – Mohamed Allam

The Egyptian music group “Wama” announced their return after years of separation and each member pursuing individual careers in singing or acting. Their last collective appearance was in 2008. The group consists of four members: Nader Hamdy, Ahmed El-Shamy, Ahmed Fahmi, and Mohamed Nour. 


They made their first appearance in the album “Ya Leil” in 2002. Director Tarek Alarian included their song “Mashwar Tawil” in the film “Tito” starring Ahmed Elsaka. Their second successful album “Ya Ghali Ali” was released in 2005, which included popular songs such as “Ya Ghali Ali”, “Da El Kalam” and “Te7lafly Asdik”.

The group members held a press conference in Cairo on Saturday, announcing the release of a new album in May. They hope to regain their place in the music market after a five-year absence.

The group explained that they did not actually separate but rather were occupied with their individual projects, and were always in touch with each other. They had planned to release a joint album earlier but were unable to do so due to their busy schedules.

The members also denied the failure of their individual careers since the group disbanded. They counted their achievements, including Nader Hamdy’s production of an entire album for the great singer Amr Diab. Mohamed Nour and Ahmed Fahmi also released successful solo albums, while the latter two also acted in several films.

The new album “Wama” is produced by “Cube Music” company CEO Mohamed Allam.

It is their third album and the first for the company, which has imposed strict conditions regarding the relationship between the group members and the company due to their well-known status and involvement in private projects.

During the press conference, the members of “Wama” faced criticism from the audience for being two hours late to the scheduled time.

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